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[14 Jan 2012|11:32pm]
I don't really feel like making a lengthy post right now, so bullet points:

I leave for Phoenix in a week and couldn't be more excited. Hotel looks like the nicest hotel I've ever seen, and EVERYTHING is paid for by the company.

I'm once again depressed about football. Colts didn't make the playoffs, Bengals were one and done, and now the Saints got beat. I'm forced to go for the Patriots right now. Ugh

I have soooooo many feelings re: Supernatural. If only I could watch this show faster. I'm on s2e4 currently. Long way to go to catch up...
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Bandwagon jumping... [28 Nov 2011|10:23pm]
Since everyone else is doing it, and I'm obviously going to forget something if I don't do this now... I present Mr. B's costume list for DragonCon 2012!!! (Cue trumpets and flashing lights, cus that's how I roll...)

1) Chase Stein - Runaways: I hope we do Runaways again this year, because I really want to get this costume right, and honestly, I want people to talk about us as that awesome Runaways group. This one shouldn't actually be too hard

2) SHIELD - Marvel Comics: I was supposed to have this costume done last year, but some last minute issues prevented it from happening. This HAS to happen this year. I've got everything planned for it. And I think Dave and Eric and the rest of the guys will be mad at me if I don't do it this time

3) Corran Horn - I, Jedi: Corran very quickly became one of my favorite characters, possibly due to the law enforcement background my family has. Regardless, I loved his look on the cover to I, Jedi, and have been wanting to do it for a while, so no better time. Especially since Nic has an awesome Mirax done already

4) Boy!Tyria Sarkin - Gender Swapped Wraiths: haha THIS GROUP! SRSLY, I can't wait to blend into my surroundings and be in the background of pictures.

5) Boy!Jaina - Gender Swapped Jaina and Zekk, Jag, and Kyp: I still have no idea what to do for this...

6) Union Jack Rose Tyler - Gender Swapped Dr. Who: I need to start watching some Dr. Who so I know what exactly to do for this. Need to get either a computer or hope my hotel in Phoenix has free wi-fi for my Kindle Fire so I can watch it with Amazon Prime while I'm gone for 3 weeks with nothing to do.

7) Barney Stinson - HIMYM: this will be the first to get cut if I need to cut something, but I really want to do this. HIMYM has very quickly become one of my favorite shows, and Barney is such a great character. Plus, I'll already be blonde, so no better time...

Recurring themes... Blonde hair and gender swapped costumes. I love D*C
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[27 Nov 2011|09:15pm]
Since it is still Thanksgiving weekend, I just felt the need to say this:

I am thankful to be a part of what has got to be the greatest group of people ever.

I also wanted to leave you with this:

"Hi there. We've had a lot of fun tonight, but, on a more serious note, this is the time of the year when we remember the importance of giving. And, there's no greater gift, than the gift of booty. So, this holiday season, why not bang someone in need. I'm Barney Stinson, and that's, one to grow on."
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Brandyn's random comics thoughts [02 Nov 2011|07:57pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

So, don't ask me why, but I was just randomly thinking about comics today. More specifically, getting new people into comics. And I thought, if someone completely new to Marvel comics were to try to get into them, where should they start? My answer: Avengers Disassembled, and here's why...

I pretty much look at A:D as the starting point for the "modern" (and I use that term loosely) Marvel Universe. I see 3 main stories spinning out of A:D...

1) New Avengers - This is where the majority of the main Marvel stories, like the big event books, take place. New Avengers essentially builds into Civil War, then Secret Invasion, Dark Reign, Seige, The Age of Heroes, and Fear Itself. Pretty safe to say, the Marvel Universe revolves around the Avengers

2) House of M - House of M, while spinning directly out of an Avengers story, shaped the X-Men Universe that we know today. It leads into Decimation, and is the catalyst for Messiah Complex, Second Coming, Schism, and Regenesis.

3) Avengers: The Children's Crusade - my personal favorite. Yeah, it kinda spins out of both A:D and House of M, but involves both the Avengers and the X-Men and should* bring closure to the Scarlet Witch story

*I say should, because obviously we haven't gotten to the end of the story yet, and I'm getting extremely anxious for it

All of this doesn't even take into account the other Marvel books, like Captain America, Iron Man, or Hulk.

Also not included above, but equally, if not more, important, are:

Spider-Man - We're talking everything from the JMS issues, to Civil War, obviously a huge point in the Spider-Mama mythos, to Back in Black, One More Day and Brand New Day (look, everyone says the Clone Saga was bad... I think Brand New Day was worse. Sure there were some good stories, but yeah, not a fan) but its gotten back on track recently with Big Time and Spider-Island

And my personal favorite book that Marvel has ever put out, and an absolute must read... Runaways. There's really not much I can say besides READ THIS BOOK!!!

So, again, not entirely sure why I just wrote all of this, just started randomly thinking about it. Did I miss anything? What are your thougts?

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[13 Oct 2011|07:05am]
Looking on the bright side, I found out my consolation prize for not getting promoted. I'll be going to Phoenix for 3 weeks in January to train associates at our new building. I get 3 weeks in the desert when its going to be snowing in Ohio, all on the companies dime, and all I have to do is train people on the stuff I do? It's like a super vacation!
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[10 Oct 2011|09:21pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Let me just start this off by saying I'm not egotistical. I like to joke around a lot. In fact, I wasn't confident at all until a few years ago. I'm pretty confident now, but not to an extreme point. Though I am pretty awesome, I'm sure we can all agree on that. What I've just said will make sense in a minute.

I'm sure anyone on twitter will have seen that a few weeks ago, I put in for a promotion at work. Once learning of a few open positions, and who all put in for these positions, I was fairly certain I would get one of them. I'm talking like 100% certain, and the only question was if I would accept it or not (I wasn't going to accept a seasonal position because I would have been fucked if the position didn't turn out to be permanent.) I go to work with a good attitude, I approach all situations calmly and openly, and honestly, I'm good at what I do. I know more about what goes on in the company than most managers do, and I'm only a team lead. My access level for our system is the highest it can be without being part of system support. So, needless to say, I had good reason to assume I would get one of the positions.

I had my interview with the two managers of the department I was applying for, and I was told I interviewed extremely well. I had it in the bag, basically. And then I started hearing the rumors before the manager started going around and doing followups with everyone that interviewed. These rumors turned out to be true. Not only did I not get a promotion, literally EVERY person that got the positions has less experience than me, less knowledge than me, and in the case of a few of them, the shittiest attitudes imaginable. One guy said "I don't have time for this shit" and walked away when we were trying to help him fix his inventory, which would help the whole operation run smoother. A few of them can't be counted on to answer emails promptly when they're standing at their computers talking and these emails have to do with orders that are being held and could be shipped out if they got off their asses and actually did something.

After I found all of this out, I was livid. And its not so much that I was bitter, because there were some other people that deserved one of those positions, and if one of them got it, I would've been more that happy for them. It's the fact that these people that had these shitty attitudes and no knowledge got promoted above me, so what the hell does that make me? I seriously felt incompetent. If I can't be promoted before these people that don't give a shit about their jobs, how shitty must I be doing. I finally got to talk to the manager, and he reiterated how much he likes me and knows of the great job I'm doing, but it didn't help. My manager talked to me for a while about it, and that made me feel a little better. But then I find out today that a few other supervisors (including my roommate) were as shocked as I was when they found out that I didn't get one of the positions. That makes me feel a little better that at least some people notice that I take pride in my work and I'm actually good at it. But at the same time, it pisses me off that they can see this, but the managers can't? It's like fuck, man, what else can I do.
The one thing I'm relying on now is the fact that my manager flat out told me that he is working on creating a new position in my department especially for me, that would be a promotion. But in all honesty, I hope that place crashes and burns and I really need to get out of there and just start over.

Okay, and just so you don't feel like you've completely wasted your time reading that, have this exchange from a book that you all know very well:

"So my question is, why me? Why didn't you bring Tycho with you? He's your wingman. And he's better with records."
"I need someone to be in charge on the ground when I'm up here. For example, if there's a diplomatic emergency."
"I can be in charge on the ground."
Oh, that'd be good. You and Hobbie running through the streets of Cartann, leaving destruction in your wake, taking charge when a delicate political disaster strikes. Here's and example. A noble of Cartann comes to you and says 'I know we have no diplomatic relations yet, but I'm here to request asylum in the New Republic.' What do you say?"
"Is she good-looking?"
"Thanks for making my point."

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[27 Sep 2011|08:43pm]
So basically, this post is basically for me to tell you all how awesome you are and how much I miss you guys. Plus a little extra at the end not having to do with that.
So obviously, I've got my main group of friends, and without them, my life would suck. Tony (and Tara), Jesse (and Cameo), and Mike (and Shauna) are my closest IRL friends, and I've been friends with them for about 6-ish years, and after that, Chad and Bryan and my roommates Jeff and Angel joined our little group, and its been awesome and I love my friends so much.

However, on that same level are you guys (D*C friends? Internet friends? Eh, you don't need a label). You guys get me in ways that my other friends never will (maybe sometimes refuse to). In no particular order... Linh, Bria, Nic, Kyle, my awesome roomies from this year, you are amazing. Really, I don't know what else to say about the 4 of you. I feel closer to you than I do my group at home. The others in our D*C Rooms of Awesome: Emily, Maggie, Jenny, Ying Yi, Jesse, Sarah H, Sarah P (btw, Sarah, THANK YOU for getting me involved in the Strike Team group for CIII, because if I hadn't been in that group, I wouldn't have started coming to D*C), April, Elizabeth, I'm sad I don't get to hang out with you all every year, but you guys are awesome and D*C wouldn't be complete without you. Yes, same absolutely goes for you Cati, D*C wasn't the same without you this year to read to us :( and here's to you coming next year. Heather and Nate, man you guys are awesome. Soooo much derpage and I wouldn't have it any other way. Mandy, Kevin, Jen, Aaron (even though Kevin and Jen and Aaron won't see this) I am not gonna be able to enjoy a D*C without having nights like Saturday and Sunday nights (I'm going to try to recreate those nights as much as possible below). Seriously, that has to happen every year. And last but certainly not least, Lane and the awesome SW people I got meet (Nanci and Shannon and maybe some other people but I don't quite remember...) Well, you're awesome. I hope I didn't leave anyone out... That would suck.
Let's just go back to the Saturday night from this most recent D*C. I never thought I would be involved in a night that epic. There will be legends told of Bucky's wake. So we (and by we I mean Myself, Bria, Linh, Nic, Ying Yi, maybe Kyle because I don't remember if you came with us or with Bryent and Patrick) get to the wake held by Mandy. And there was lots and lots of drinking because Mandy brought a liquor store with her (and she saved me some tequila, and you all know how Brandyn feels about his tequila) and the first of many eulogies. And then Captain America and... shit what was Jen dressed as that night? And Reed Richards and Johnny Storm showed up and gave some eulogies. I know Reed and Cap each did one (and they were significantly better than mine because I suck at coming up with awesome shit off the top of my head and had to resort to reading notes that I jotted down in my phone while they both killed it) and then Johnny did one that turned into him whining that he never got a eulogy. He has a point. But I didn't care because he called me out for using Wikipedia for my eulogy. Fuck you Johnny Storm, you're coming back in two months anyway.
So, Mandy, Jen, and Aaron went downstairs to drink and dance (and lick Bacon; more on that later) apparently (big emphasis in the drinking) and Kevin, Bria, Linh, and I stayed upstairs with the kids. Well, I should just call them Kyle's and Bryent's friends, but they are young so I'll stick with kids. And there was more drinking done by us as we listened to Kevin's stories I believe. Eventually, one of the kids got really, really, drunk and I guess the only way to sober up was to take a shower for a half hour (and use all of Mandy's towels). So he's in there and Mandy, Jen, and Aaron get back and someone *cough*jen*cough* has had a little too much to drink, and needs to get into the bathroom. Leave it to Captain America to force a kid out of the shower and out the door. Damn Cap, I'm never messing with you. Anyway, Kevin and Aaron go into a long string of jokes at He Who Shall Not Be Named, which were the funniest jokes ever. They had to do with Kevin asking questions and Aaron answering as this guy, and it's not going to be possible for me to explain how funny this was, so I won't try. So the night ended, and Linh and Bria and I went back to our room.

Completely off topic, but right now, I am super hungry because I didn't eat lunch and I need to find something to eat but I'm going to finish this post first, because I know what's really important.

I honestly thought Saturday night was going to be the highlight of D*C 2011. I was clearly wrong. I'll start at the point where Linh and Bria and Mandy and I had to leave the Adult Themes panel to go on the Hydra Party Raid with SHIELD. We get to the Loft and meet up with Cap and the SHIELD guys, only to find out that The Marriott beat SHIELD to the Hydra party and shut it down. That actually ended up well for us because the Hydra guys were at the Loft too, and had a bag of free alcohol with them. Between that and the whiskey and the "gravy" that Eric and Dave and Griff (the aforementioned SHIELD guys) had with them, we were quite drunk. Some of use more than other. By some if us, I mean those with Asian genes. And, well, only one of hose with Asian genes. I'm sure you know who I'm talking about at this point. We had a great time with everyone there. Big thanks to Linh, BTW. She knows what I'm talking about. So, as the Loft is closing, Mandy, in her infinite wisdom, invites everyone back to her room. Everyone at this point was Kevin, Jen, Aaron, SHIELD Dave, Bria, Linh, and myself. And yet again, our conversation ends up on the same type of jokes as the previous night. Now, I was drunk, so I don't remember all of them. I did, however, do a lot of meeting that night. So let's go by that, and anyone else can add their bits and pieces in.

"That's some full service homosexuality right there." - Mandy (I don't know what this was in reference to. Maybe Kevin and Aaron were kinda wrestling around? I don't know)

There was Captain America lecturing SHIELD agents in bed. By that I mean, Kevin doing a lot of finger wagging at Linh and Bria as Linh seemed like she was intently listening to what he was saying and Bria looking like she wanted nothing more than for everybody to stop talking so she could go to sleep.

"That's where you've been keeping your phone? Your butt?" - Mandy

"OH HELL NO!! I DID NOT LICK BACON LAST NIGHT!!!" - Aaron (when Aaron and Jen and Mandy went dancing Saturday night, there apparently was a guy dressed as Bacon. And Aaron was dancing with him. A lot. They can probably tell the story better than me. But I guess at one point Aaron licked the costume. And when the story was told to us the next night, we had a lot of laughs. But Aaron flat out denied it happened.

"It bugs me. It puts a bug inside my brain, that's what bug means" - Aaron (another joke at the expense of the person I will not name, not that anybody on here probably knows him anyway)

"Hey (redacted), what are your thoughts on the DC reboot?" - Kevin
"It makes me sneeze a lot" - Aaron (this exchange is exactly the reason D*C is better than everything else)

There was some question that had to do with (redacted)'s feelings about other people costuming as a particular character, and I think the response was "I hope the ghost of a stegosaurus will appear and kill them so I'll be the only one. Another epic quote.

So those are all the tweets I had from that night. There were so many more jokes, and so much more laughter. Obviously, at some point, which I think was after 4am, Bria and Linh and I headed back to our room. I wish that night had never ended.
Everyone that was there Saturday and Sunday nights, help jog my memory of the foggier parts of the nights.

Like I said before, this post was to just say how awesome you guys are, and how much I miss you. I definitely had more to say than I thought I did.

P.S. The fall TV season started! HIMYM is going to piss me off, I already know. Quit dropping these bombshells, damnit! And Hawaii Five-0 is back. I love that show so much. Now I just gotta wait til Monday for House and about a month for Chuck's final season to start :(
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The Bucky Barnes Wake [15 Sep 2011|11:56pm]
I wanted Bucky's eulogy to be immortalized somewhere, so better here where all my friends can see it and use it to remember him.

"Friends, we're gathered here today to celebrate the life of James Buchanan Barnes, better known to his friends as Bucky. Bucky has lived a hard life, from becoming an orphan as a teenager, to partnering with Captain America in the war, to his apparent death and resurrection as the Russian spy and assassin Winter Soldier. But through everything, Bucky's friends never doubted him, and it was this belief, along with the help of his best friend Steve Rogers, that allowed Bucky to cast out the demons that plagued him, making him a force for good once more. And when his friend Steve died, it was Bucky that picked up his mantle so that the legacy of Captain America would live on.
That's the kind of man Bucky was. To those he called friends, he was loyal to a fault, one that could always be counted on in a time of need. There are those that believed he was changed bt his early partnership with Captain America, but we know that it was Captain America himself that was changed by Bucky, by the good in his heart. And it is to that goodness, and his lasting legacy, that we celebrate tonight. My friends, a toast to Bucky Barnes, the most heroic man I have ever met."
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[07 Sep 2011|05:46pm]
[ mood | indifferent ]

My D*C post:

Bucky's Wake


Really, this is pretty much all I remember from D*C because Saturday and Sunday nights were the most epic nights ever.

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[24 Aug 2011|11:33pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I love how I'm still the token guy in the D*C group :p

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[24 Jul 2011|11:18pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

So, I know I don't post on here much, I usually don't have anything interesting to say, but i just want to mention how extremely excited I am for D*C and to actually costume this year. I only have 3 (one of those shouldn't count :p) but that's more than I've ever done before. Maybe I can get used to this consuming thing.

Also, don't know if it will happen, but I'd like to get another tattoo before D*C. Trying to decide between the Avengers logo from the new movie, y'know the big A, or the SHIELD logo. Also, Wraith tattoo will be done before D*C next year, because I can't be a Wraith without the tattoo

EDIT: As I was typing this, Drew Stubbs hit a walk-off HR for the Reds to beat the Braves. Really was music to my ears

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COOOOLLLLDDDD [11 Jan 2011|06:50pm]
[ mood | cold ]

You know what would be awesome right about now??? a friggin FLAME THROWER! oh I would kill for one right now, just so I didnt see any more damn snow

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[13 Nov 2010|06:55pm]
Okay people, I need some help.  I figured now would be a good time to start figuring out my costumes for D*C, because I'm so costuming this year, unlike last year.  What group costumes are going to be done?  I have no clue what costumes I wanna do and what I need to do for groups...
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[14 Sep 2010|09:26pm]
[ mood | geeky ]

Ok, bear with me while I try to explain this...

My friends an I are all involved in a fantasy football league.  We've been pretty excited about it for a few months.  obviously, we don't have lives...but I digress
So, the other day, my friends mentions something about a superhero fantasy league (I've been trying to get him into comics for years, suddenly his girlfriend mentions that her dad collects comics, and he's ON IT.)  He then asked me to get him a list that we can use as a roster.  Now, mind you, I'm a Marvel guy.  Not too well versed in the Distinguished Competition.  So there's like twice as many marvel characters on the roster as there as dc.  My roster soon devolves into a conversation about marvel vs. dc... such are the things mentioned in said conversation

- Marvel wins with numbers advantage, but doesnt have Batman or Superman, so thats a disadvantage (I politely disagreed by saying Cap could take Batman and Thor could take Superman)
- "well there is no major motion picture for captain america...so thats a lie..." I replied "wait until July of next year"
- then it went... "I was confused, I thought when you said Captain America, you meant Captain Planet... I need to read up on Captain America" FAIL
- I explained about Steve Rogers and Bucky Cap
- there was also "you didnt put Robin or Robin II on the list" (I replied with "Robin is Nightwing who is pretty awesome, and is now Batman since Bruce Wayne died, and Robin II is Jason Todd, who is not so much")
- "hahaaaa so bruce wayne died?? how did that happen??  and how come spider man isnt dead...he is a pussy" I tried to explain Final Crisis, but that was like explaining astrophysics.  and I schooled him on the awesomeness of one Mr. Peter Parker
- "what about the robin from batman & robin the movie, with goerge clooney and chris odonnel and uma thurmun and arnold??"... my reply "The robin from the movie is Robin I, before he became Nightwing.  But that doesn’t count because that movie was awful"
- Then we debated more about marvel and dc, and I said "Marvel's big event stories are more accessible than DC's," which turned into a challenge.

The challenge, in short:  I will let him borrow Civil War, because I told him he could get into the story without needing any backstory whatsoever (not counting characters he obviously wouldnt know not being a comic fan).  Question: Think I will win this challenge?

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[10 Sep 2010|10:42am]
I suck at costuming, so why do I have so many costuming plans for D*C next year????  I definitely want to do House, a Nerd Herder, Wes Janson, apparently I'm being roped into doing someone from Avatar, which I've never even seen, gotta do a SHIELD costume, wanna do another marvel character (aside from Secret Warriors which I'm being made to do :P), after reading the New X-Men tpb I got at the con, I kinda wanna do Hellion, and I watched HIMYM this morning and I really wanna suit up as Barney Stinson.  I get the feeling I'll only end up doing one or two :(

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[23 Jun 2010|06:18pm]
so I'm doing my daily afternoon report for orders that need to be cancelled, and one of the orders I had to cancel was for Leigh Anne Tuohy, aka Michael Oher's mom, aka the lady the movie "The Blind Side" was based off of, aka the movie role Sandra Bullock just won an oscar for. thats my brush with fame for the day. Whats yours?
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[21 Jun 2010|09:44pm]
Hi :) *wave*
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[06 Oct 2009|01:52pm]
[ mood | sick ]


That is all

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[28 Sep 2009|10:44pm]
Hey errybuddy!  My computer is fixed and I got AIM reinstalled.  look for keiranhalcyon84 or let me know y'alls aim sn's :D
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[14 Sep 2009|08:26pm]




Okay, I managed to wake up at about 7:30 and rolled out of bed before 8. Not bad for me. But the drive from Cincinnati to Atlanta was probably one of the worst experiences of my life. Not because anything bad happened. I mean, it took me like an extra half hour to get out of Cincinnati because of the morning traffic, but that was no big deal. However, that drive was so BORING! And it didn’t help that I left so early. I was so tired. I stopped probably 5 more times than I wanted to. And don’t get me started on the city of Atlanta (more on that later.) And I think I circled the Marriott like 7 times before deciding to valet park ($28 / day NOT HAPPENING AGAIN!) Finally got in thanks to some help from Sarah and Jenny.  The few hours of rest after I got in while we waited for Cati felt amazing, and it certainly helped since we had to wait in line for hours to get our badges :(  The Ticketmaster line was awful (though some of the people were funny.)  They had like 2 computers and both were down.  And then some kind of fire code violation or something, I dont know, I just know I was so bored.  Finally got my badge though and did manage to beat everyone else so, hey, more waiting!  Went back to the rooms afterward and had some pizza while we waited for Bria and Ying Yi.  YAY PIZZA!  And YAY Bria and Ying Yi!

*Sidenote, as I'm writing this, I found out Patrick Schwayze died... wow :(


Woke up in the morning (just know it was the morning, don't ask me what time) and watched some D*CTV (SHATMOY! and wonderful, wonderful videos... Oh, Shatner of the Mount.)  Then came some waiting around while everybody was getting their costumes on.  GOD SO BORING!  I dont remember much but the walking around admiring costumes.  And seeing the vast amounts of people that wanted pictures of Emma Frost.  Kyle how did you get so popular?!  I think the KT Sith girls were on Friday also.  Y'all looked awesome!!  There was also some food court action (WORST FOOD COURT EVAR!) Also, a trip to the liquor store!  I got my precious tequila, which turned out to be the worst decision of the weekend.


Saturday morning, got into my Chase costume fairly early, then waited, first while Linh changed into Nico, and then while Sarah changed into Karolina.  Finally, it was close to 2pm, and that meant the Marvel vs. DC photoshoot.  I think this is one of the things I was looking forward to most.  I love Star Wars, but I've been more into comics, and Marvel in particular, for as long as I can remember.  And it didnt let me down.  Some of those costumes were AMAZING!  We met up with Jenny, Cati, and Bria (or Gert, Molly, and Xavin, technically) and got quite a few people wanting our pictures, and a surprising number of people that actually knew who we were.  After that, Team Food (myself, Cati, and Linh) made our way to the food court (Chick-Fil-A again!) and then back to our room to eat and watch House.   I think at one point Linh and I made our way to the dealer room (man, I think my days are running together.)  Afterwards, more getting changed and drinking.  And more drinking.  And quite a bit of drinking some nasty tequila.  Oh, that shit was awful.  But, it worked.  We then headed off to the BSG party, which was fun, but we got there way to late.  I'll give props to Steph, Linh's boyfriend, for buying some drinks.  Those certainly made it more fun.  As did the Chewbacca that was break dancing.  Then we just did some more walking around the Marriott lobby and finally went to bed.


I woke up Sunday morning with one of the worst hangovers I've ever had.  Really, my head hurt so bad.  I was planning on going to see the Reds play the Braves with Evil Sarah and Eric, but I couldnt do that.  Instead, I just laid in bed for a few hours (and missed Hawkeye and Stature of the Young Avengers) and then went down to get some pizza.  I met up with Bria and Linh in the elevator, and they didnt even see me :( but we got back to the room and then checked out one of the exhibit rooms (and Cati got Anthony Daniels to take a pic with Kettch.)   After we figured out dinner plans, Bria and I went to prowl the Walk of Fame.  This was probably the most fun I had all weekend.  I met Charisma Carpenter from Buffy and Angel, which made my weekend.  Then we just proceeded to walk around and talk to famous people.  It was as awesome as it sounds.  We talked to Ron Glass (who was kinda short with us) and Christine Rose (who was such a nice and classy lady.)  I cant remember if we talked to anyone else after that.  But then we went back to meet up with everyone for dinner at a really good mexican restaurant.
After that came..... the Adult Themes in Star Wars panel.  Wow.  So, we talked about GLBT in Star Wars (props to the fans in the room pushing for it)... we talked about spice habits... we talked about incest... and we talked about wampa jizzum.  Yes, wampa jizzum.  How else was the wampa going to get Luke to hang from the roof of the cave?  We then went back to the rooms and then down to the lobby and met up with one of the panelists and had another impromptu panel.  The night ended with a chair party (which lasted much longer than it should've.)


Monday morning consisted of getting everything packed and waiting 20 minutes for the elevator with Kim and a wheelchair.  And another super long drive home that started with me getting lost in downtown Atlanta (Atlanta, why dont you spend some money to fix up your streets and put some highway signs up?  Just a thought...)  And there was an accident on 75 which had me stuck for like an hour and a half.  And I was tired...again.  Made it home at about 9:30 and just melted into the couch.

I wouldnt change any of it :D


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